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Tycoon Lwasa’s New Catch Kalibatanya breaks Down in Tears After Him Reuniting with Ex-wife Angel

Masaka city tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesi alleged new catch Kalibatanya breaks down in tears after learning that Lwasa had reunited with his ex- wife Angel Kwakunda.

Angel and Lwasa had speratedĀ  a few months ago over accusation of infidelity.

After failing to win Angel’s heart ,Lwasa decided to revise his traps as he paraded off his alleged new catch in guise of attracting and bringing back his lost soul mate Angel Kwakunda and threatened that he was going to replace.

This trap forced Angel to come and warned Kalibatanya to go slow with her husband that she can’t be chucked like that.

Over yesterday in trending Tik Tok video of Angel while Lwasa surfaced while enjoying ride in Lwasa’s car which confirmed their reunion.
When the Kalibatanya learnt about Lwasa and Angel’s reunion she bustedĀ  into tears ,cursing giving her heart to Lwasa.

She went to caution fellow ladies to think twice before falling for Masaka men.

“Fellow ladies think twice before you fall for Masaka men”,she posted.

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