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Truth Comes Out Why Uhuru Kenyatta Deleted Facebook Post Congratulating Museveni

Uhuru Kenyatta with Museveni
Uhuru Kenyatta with Museveni

Kenya State House was forced to pull down tweets and a Facebook post congratulating Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni for election victory as he extends his 35 years of ruling.

According to reports, this post on Facebook was deleted after the social media giant flagged it as containing misinformation.

However, Kenyan fact-checker PesaCheck, which works with Facebook to fact-check content published on the social media site, said the message had been erroneously flagged as false on account of the picture used alongside it.

PesaCheck said the post by State House did not have any false information that had been looked into by fact-checkers, but merely used a photo that was part of a 2019 Facebook post which was marked as false. Facebook works with third-party fact-checkers such as PesaCheck, to rid the platform of misinformation.

“The error appears to have originated from the automation system, which looks for similar content that has been fact-checked. In this case, both posts shared the same photo of Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni,” the fact-checking site said.

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