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“Those are the same men that Feed You” – Cindy Attacks Sheebah for Trashing Ugandan men


Celebrated singer Cinderella Sanyu commonly known as “The King herself” has expressed disgust regarding fellow singer Sheebah Karungi’s constant dissing of Ugandan men.

Through an instagram post, the “Boom party” hitmaker wrote an indirect message defending men and attacking women who continue to avoid romantic relationships with men yet they are successful because of men’s hardwork.

In several interviews, Sheebah has been seen attacking men especially Ugandans saying that she is not interested in romantic relationships.

Sheebah prides in being single and indepedent. She believes getting married takes freedom and career success  away from a woman.

Cindy however, thinks that men deserve credit because they are the same people who make women what they are.

“I don’t get women who are constantly bashing men when their whole world is sponsored by men. For your business you have a male manager, male promoters and even a male makeup artist then you turn around and say women should be independent? Oh please! I say men should be encouraged to take their place and women to do the same,” Cindy posted.


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It is no secret that Sheebah and Cindy have been at war musically. Their feud started as a verbal battle, with Cindy ‘dissing’ Sheebah as the ‘queen of lip-synching’. Simply put, she accused Sheebah of leading the group of Ugandan singers who would be vending used bras had it not been for the advent of auto tune which refines the voices of voiceless singers.

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Sheebah fought back by splashing her plush home in Cindy’s face, taunting her for having ‘nothing to show for all those years of singing’.

Having had enough, Cindy dared Sheebah into a live music battle; an offer Sheebah has since chickened out of.

This cowardice forced Cindy into studio where she decided to shoot Sheebah dead with a new single copycat, accusing her of trying to be like her.

But Sheebah is not the type to lie low like an envelope; she has replied Cindy with two songs so far including ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Kimansulo’.

Unfortunate for Sheebah however, the songs have turned out to be her worst ever songs since she ditched dancing nude and the now defunct Buddies Bar for a career in music. This possibly confirms that indeed, they were done out of frustration. We now wait to see where this beef will end.

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