“They want to Assassinate Me “- scared Anita Among cries out




The speaker of Parliament of Uganda Anita Among has come out and cried out for help, she clams that they want to assassinate her.

While chairing plenary this afternoon, Anita Among disclosed to the house that she received an assassination report from people wanting to take her life but she only shared it with the leader of opposition Mathias .

She further disclosed that she has credible information that some people are always following her car.

“I have got a report and I have only shared it with the Leader of Opposition. I have got an assassination report wanting to assassinate me,” she said .

She vowed that whoever is planning to assassinate her ,just know that she was put in her position or chair by God and that if anybody want , she has her village to go to claiming that she will serve until she gets tired .

Nonetheless, she ordered Prime Minister Robinnah Nabbanja to work together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and investigate the attempts against her life.

In response, Nabbanja assured the speaker that the NRM government is in charge and they will deal with whoever is threatening to take her life.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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