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“They kill innocent people” – Ronald Mayinja attacks NUP as he re-joins NRM

With just a few months left for Uganda to elect it’s leaders, musician Ronald Mayinja has dumped NUP for his former party, NRM calling NUP a party of hooligans and ‘ganja’ people.

Early this year, Ronald ditched the ruling NRM for Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform and even went ahead to obtain a party card, marking his membership in the red camp.

Mayinja, while crossing to the People Power camp explained that his belief in Kyagulanyi’s ideology was the primary factor that made him join the party, setting the red camp aflame with joy.

However, this joy seems to be short lived after he recently declared that NUP is a gang of murderous hooligans who do not deserve any leadership slot in Uganda and consequently crossed back to NRM, where he re-pledged his allegiance to ‘Taata Natasha’, whom he called ‘a good man.’

“I’m for Museveni in 2021. He has done alot of good things for our nation. I will vote for him until 2040. He’s got the vision for this country. He’s the only man who can lead Uganda to prosperity and transform the lives of the citizens, not these hooligans and ganja people who have no knowledge about leadership

NUP just makes noise and killing innocent people. They are actually very dangerous than Museveni. They don’t deserve any leadership position in Uganda. They are very confused and tough so murderous to manage the affairs of this country. They are very harsh and intolerant. Don’t vote for them bambi. We need our country under good people. Museveni is the answer to Uganda’s problems,” he concluded.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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