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There is nothing going between me and Dr. Hamza – Dr.Hamza Alleged Mistress speaks Out

The lady who is accused of cheating with Doctor Hamza Ssebunya has finally spoken out on their alleged relationship.

Over yesterday social media went crazy after photos and video clips of Rema Namakula’s husband Dr.Hamza Ssebunya cozy with another women leaked stating that he was now chewing her.

However, the woman in the photos and videos rubbing shoulders with Dr.Hamza has watered down the ongoing allegations saying that there is nothing going between her and Dr .Hamza as she apologized

Basing on the WhatsApp voice note,shared by Sanyuka on its pages yet to be identified woman cleared the air, revealing that during the time she took the photos, it was her birthday treat organized by her husband.

She said that since Rema’s husband and her husband are close friends, it was her husband who extended the invitation for him to join the festivities.

She also made a point of stating that the unidentified individuals who edited the viral videos on social media cropped out the other people she was with at the hangout location.

She further asked her husband to forgive her.

“I am so sorry, Honorable, for sharing our private information on social media.” I don’t know how I can reach out to Dr. Hamza and I apologize for you.

Remember the video I recorded in the elevator where you were kissing my neck but they removed you and replaced you with Hamza? “Social media people are just bad and I am worried about my reputation,” she added.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news


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