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The Story of Pastor Kayanja’s Miraculous Daughter, a Brain Cancer Survivor who turned into a Fashion Designer

Twin daughter to Miracle Centre Cathedral’s lead Pastor, Robert Kayanja known as Kristiana Kayanja Nakato’s health was seriously deteriorating as compared to her twin sister. Local medical tests indicated no trace of any illness. But her mother Jessica Kayanja was still not convinced of the results.

Kristiana Nakato was regressing at the age of six, something life-threatening was denying her good health.

Mrs Jessica Kayanja, wife to Pr. Kayanja said that Doctors suggested Nakato could be having cancer. she was shocked. Aware of the poor medical facilities in the country, travelling abroad was the only way out to rescue their daughter arguably suffering from cancer.

While in a UK hospital, the diagnosis revealed brain cancer, with an overgrown tumor. The neural surgeons said there was little hope that she would survive.

“We were told that our daughter had a big tumour and that she couldn’t survive for more than three weeks. We prayed to God and started giving Holy Communion to Nakato every day. With God’s grace, medical reports showed that the cancer was detaching itself from the brain, said Pastor Kayanja during a thanks-giving service at Rubaga Miracle Centre recently in 2004.

This was a reason for Kayanja’s family to give thanks to God.

Pastor Kayanjas twin daughters celebrate 23rd birthday
Pastor Kayanjas twin daughters celebrate 23rd birthday

“I believe that doctors work is an extension of God’s healing arm,” Kayanja’s wife, Jessica told a multitude of elated Christians who joined the family at the thanks-giving service.

It was a special day dedicated to celebrating life and God’s towering good turn. The worship praises by the choirs stirred the congregation into dancing, amidst ululation.

“I want to thank everyone who prayed for me,” Kristiana said.

Kristiana had been left with two alternatives, either face a threatening surgical knife or mercy killing (euthanasia). At least according to medical experts there was little possibility of a cure but thankfully she survived and she is now a certified Fashion Designer.

She recently launched her own fashion brand on W ednesday 16 December 2020 in a glamourous function at Serena Conference Center Kampala

Kristiana hosted dignitaries from the government, business men, socialites, beauty queens, top celebrities, and people in the fashion industry to witness her triumphal entry into the world of fashion.

The 23-year-old showcased on the runway with a number of models all kinds of men and women fashions for all events like weddings, casuals, corporate wear, bitenge among others.

See Photos Below;

Kristianas fashion launch
Kristianas fashion launch
Kristianas fashion launch
Kristianas fashion launch
Kristianas fashion launch
Kristianas fashion launch

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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