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The Sentamu Bothers and their Multi million Mansions, Which is the Most Expensive?

The Sentamu brothers who include, Bobi Wine, Eddy Yawe, Banjoman, Mikie Wine and Daxx Vibez have proven to be part of the most wealthiest musicians in Uganda. We have taken the time took at all their sources of income and property.

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine started his career as a Ghetto child and today, he is one of the richest artistes in East Africa. Recently, Forbes Africa released its list of richest African musicians. Bobi Wine topped Diamond Platnumz with a net worth of $7.2 Million (Shs25 Billion). He has investments in real Estate being the Owner of Semakokilo Plaza and other apartments in Naguru, Kanoni Gomba.

Bobi Wine also practices Farming on his large scale land and owns Busabala Beach located along the showers of L. Victoria. Close pals to the singer say that he owns quite a number of Taxis and Boda Bodas in Kampala. He also owns yacht and a speedboat.

Looking at his cars, Bobi Wine has a collection proof them and most being luxury cars. Early this year, his supporters gifted him with a brand new bullet proof car,Toyota Land Cruiser.

Bobi Wine’s house has always been mentioned as top five most expensive and beautiful celebrity houses in Uganda. It is sited on a vast land of ten acres of land in Magere.

He also leads the National Unity Platform political party. In June 2019, he announced his candidacy for the 2021 Presidential Elections.. He participated in the 2021 election where he lost to the incumbent Yoweri Kaguta a result which Kyagulanyi and a large section of the public strongly disputed.

Eddy Yawe Ssentamu aka Eddy Yawe.

Eddy Yawe, an elder brother to Bobi Wine is so popular because of his unique voice, he is one of those artistes who are not so much into the music industry but gain their wealth through different income sources but still remain relevant. Yawe is a professional Journalist and Businessman. Eddy Yawe is the founder of Dream Studios located in Kamwokya.

He owns a house located in Kireka seated on over 6 acres of land. The ‘Tukigale’ hit maker also says that the house have an area where a chopper can land, a music theater where he can entertain guests on a live band, a huge swimming pool among other luxurious things. Putting music a side, Yawe is a politician but flopped twice in his bid to become Kira MP. Other than, music studio, songwriting, producing, and singing, Yawe refises to reveal his real sources of income.

Eddy Yawe’s Mansion.

Henry Ssentamu aka Banjo man

Events organiser Banjo Man, is one of the pioneer members of the Firebase crew and He is Bobi Wine’s young brother. Banjo Man has accumulated alot of wealth through entrepreneurship. He owns a string of rental houses,  farms and a number of pool tables in and around the city. At 33 years, Banjoman was able tobuild a house worth a Billion in just seven months.

Michael Mukwaya Sentamu aka Mikie Wine

Coming from the family with a giant musician such as Bobi Wine, Mikie Wine followed the footsteps of his brother and continued working on becoming one of the hitmakers and most appreciated musicians in the country but his music was not well received by the public. Being one of the richest musicians, his source of income remains unclear but he owns a School known as Sulubada High School. Mikie Wine owns a mansion located along Gayaza road.

Speaking in an interview, Mikie noted that he sacrificed a lot of his younger livelihood, saving the most money so that he could achieve his dream house at some point in the future.

With a living room, guest house, several bedrooms, aquarium, conference room and a couple of rental spaces away from the main house, Mikie’s investment is a dream come true for himself and those that have supported him from zero.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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