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The Self Proclaimed “God” Bisaka Owobusobozi of Bunyoro Confirmed Dead

Confirmed, self proclaimed god Owobusobozi Bisaka is dead!

Months ago, Bisaka was reported for having collapsed at his palace in Kapyemi Kibaale district due to high blood pressure. He was later rushed to Agha Khan hospital in Kenya where he was monitored under the Intensive Care Unit.

Bisaka was born on 11 June 1930 at Kitoma Kiboizi in the Parish of Bujuni. His grandfather Alifonso Wenkere worked as a catechist, but it was his grandmother Nykakake who taught him about God.

Bisakathen desired to be a priest but did not get a chance. He later qualified as a teacher and he started serving the Catholic Church as a choirmaster. Bisaka composed many catholic Runyoro hymns sung to date.

In 1948 he failed to be admitted into a minor seminary, he changed his attitude toward the church leaders.

Owobusobozi Bisaka
Owobusobozi Bisaka

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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