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The Rise and Fall of Pastor Yiga Augustine, his Early Life, Success & Death.

Pastor Augustine Yiga Abizaayo was yesterday laid to rest, five days after his death at Nsambya Hospital. Although as a pastor, many knew him but as a person, few really knew the real Abizaayo.

We bring you information about the fallen man of God, early life and his rise from thatch to glory.

Early Life.

Born in 1946 in Ssebambule District, the late Yiga grew up with his mother who however died, leaving him to suffer at a young age. He, as result did not go to school due to his financial epilepsy.

No one really knows his exact birthday as Yiga himself confessed to his followers that his mother did not tell him nor did any of his relatives know.

“I was born deep in the villages of Ssembabule where no one ever imagined that I could live but just the same way Jesus was born in the kraal that had nothing but cow dung, Today I am here rocking Kampala yet I never went to school.” Yiga was quoted as having told his followers.

Starting His Own Church.

Augustine Yiga earned his reputation as a Pastor after he founded Kawaala based Revival Christian Church which he started from scratch.

His founding of the church was on the advice of a famous city Pastor who had visited him for charms during his traditional healer days.

The church experienced a huge turn out as Yiga continued to fascinate his followers with many miracles.

It soon became necessary to found ABS TV which aired his programs such as ‘Ki Kyolifa Towerabidde’, sermons and reach outs.

Relationship With Other Pastors.

The late Yiga was well known to be at loggerheads with Top Television and Christian Life Church chief, Jackson Ssenyonga.

Jackson kept accusing Yiga of using witchcraft to perform miracles. He even openly celebrated when Yiga died

It is also rumoured that Nabbi Omukazi and the fallen Pastor had a romantic affair but split up over HIV related tests. Nabbi Omukazi confessed that thhe rumours were true.

He however enjoyed a good relationship with other city pastors like Robert Kayanja.


The late Yiga introduced the use of holy rings, which he claimed ensured that the wearer remains closely bonded with God and thus is always blessed.

He recommended the rings to those he claimed had spiritual bonds with the devil. He sold them at 100,000 each.

He is also known to have used the ring to bring about miracles, healing and deliverance.

Followers also believe that he at one time died, but resurrected, something that increased his follower numbers.

Arrest And Death.

Following his controversial comments about COVID-19 and the possibility it was a trick to hoodwink Ugandans, Yiga was arrested, charged and remanded. He was however released on account of detoriating health.

He was admitted to Nsambya Hospital where he sadly, did not make it.

In his will, he expressed the wish to be buried in how own church among his followers.

He is survived by a son,Andrew Jjengo who has since then taken over the ministry.

May His Soul R.I.P

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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