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The Only Solution to Skyrocketing Commodity Prices is to Tighten Your Belts- Minister Baryomunsi Tells Ugandans

The minister for ICT and National Guidance Chris Baryomunsi has urged Ugandans to tighten their belts as the only way they can survive through the current economic crisis.

According to Baryomunsi, Tighten your belt is an English idiom to simply mean that spends less, be more frugal.

This metaphoric term alludes to pulling in ones belt after losing weight from not having enough to eat.

While speaking via NBS TV Frontline show on Thursday, Baryomunsi, who is also the cabinet spokesperson, said that the current crisis is global, and government can do little to nothing about it.

Referring to this economic crisis as international may not be the solution, but its a fact, Baryomunsi said.

The solution to this economic crisis is to tighten our belts, he added.

Baryomunsi, like most of the Ugandan government officials have always reiterated that the rising inflation has been fuelled by external factors on which they have no control.

Early this month, president Museveni also that the inflation was both man-made and natural.

This problem is both man-made due to Russias invasion of Ukraine and can also be attributed to natural calamities like Covid-19 which disrupted distribution channels, Museveni said, during the Labour Day celebrations at Kololo.

However, the president said that he is not worried because he knows that his government will handle the problem just like they did with Covid-19.

The former FDC president Kizza Besigye yesterday was put under house arrest after being intercepted by security operatives as he attempted to mobilise Ugandans to rise up against skyrocketing commodity prices.

According to the leader of a political pressure group, high commodity prices are affecting vulnerable common citizens whom he said belong to the “cassava” republic.

Dr Besigye who was flanked by Kampala City Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago and three aides standing behind his tinted land cruiser while holding placards with inscriptions “We can’t breathe, reduce the cost of living and another saying, Transition now, not Succession, stormed the streets.

A number of activists and civil society groups have for month now been urging government to address the inflation in the country.

Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja is a Ugandan Photo Journalist, Influencer, Photo and Videographer, Nnews Editor and Critic for African Politics.


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