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The Ebonies’ Dr Bossa Seriously ill With a Strange Disease

News received by Celeb Patrol UG confirm how The Ebonies actor and top boss Sam Bagenda a.k.a Dr. Bossa was rushed to the hospital with a serious disease that left him breathing through oxygen tanks.

It is being reported that Sam Bagenda’s condition is not stable as he is surviving on Oxygen, giving him life to stay and live another day.

However, according to the New Vision, Dr. Bossa Ebonies is very safe as he has allegedly come out and trashed the sickness allegations.

“I want to assure everybody that I am physically and mentally normal and right now I am in a saloon preparing to go for my last rehearsals for our online show,”- Sam Bagenda.

New Vision stated that Bagenda, the lead actor with the Ebonies, said he was shocked by social media claims that he was critically ill.

Dr Bossa in ICU
Dr Bossa in ICU

Morefollow up details coming soon!!

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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