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“Thankyou for Making me the Happiest Woman on Earth” – Prima Kardashi to Mr Henrie

Singer Geosteady’s ex girlfriend, Prima Kardashi is speculating on the possibility of writing a book on her boyfriend, Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie.

Prima Kardashi, who dumped singer Geosteady accusing him of infidelity and mistreatment can not think of anything else to write about other than how charming Mr. Henrie is.

In a social media post, Kardashi revealed that if she was ever given a chance to write a book, she would write about how Mr. Henrie is an amazing man that has taught her alot of things.

From self love to believing in herself, Prima Kardashi believes she has become a better woman all thanks to Mr. Henrie, adding that she will always love him to infinity.

Prima Kardashi – Mr Henrie

“If I ever wake up and think of writing a book, it will be about the amazing man God sent me to set me free. A man whose taught me how to believe in myself.. a man who taught me self love ..a man who accepted me without any conditions. Nkwagala nnyo munange @mr. henrie.” she posted on her social media.

It looks like the mother of two is deeply in love with Henrie to the envy of many Geosteady fans who claim she is too old for him.

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Khina Murah
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