“Thank you for Accepting to Get Married, You’re Not like Nabatanzi”- Lwasa Hails Precious Remmie




As we all know, Masaka City money bag will never stop Diana Nabatanzi for anything in this world. She must have hurt him deeply.

Lwasa always uses every chance he gets to attack Nabatanzi ever since they broke up after five years of dating.

Today, the city tycoon rises again with insults directly to the BBS TV Presenter.

Taking to his facebook account, Lwasa praised Spark TV Presenter Precious Remmie for having agreed to settle down with her man and sharing her happiness with the whole world.

It should be noted that in the month of October, Remmie introduced her lover, Mr Raymond Bindeeba to her parents in a lovely ‘Kuktyala’ ceremony days after the two got engaged.

Eversince, the gorgeous media personality has posted every photo she has in her gallery with her man on social media, she seems really happy!

Now, Lwasa has come out and offered to give Precious Remmie a cow, thanking her for being the woman she is, that is respecting her man and accepting to get married unlike Diana Nabatanzi who lied to him.

“Sibaddewo! Naye mwana ggwe Precious Remmie webale kuba muzira Kati ntegedde oli wanjawulo ku buno obukazi bwa TV obuzunga nga minzaani yembizzi .Webale kuparkinga Congratulations nakuhereza ente..,” Lwasa posted.

Precious Remmie – Raymond Bindeeba

It should be remembered that the main reason why Lwasa dumped Nabatanzi was because she deliberately refused to introduce him to her parents and also never wanted the rest of the world to know they were dating.

According to Lwasa, Nabatanzi only wanted him for his money thats why she didnot even give birth to his child.

He narrated that he gave her everything including investing in her business, “Tanzi Collections”, a boutique located in Makindye, a car and also several trips outside the country.

Due to the above reasons, Lwasa got fedup and decided to end the relationship, eversince then, he has not stopped attacking the curvy actress.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.
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