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“Thanks For Being a Good Step Father to My Kids” – Geosteady to Mr .Henrie

Singer Hassan George Kigozi alias Geosteady has come to out to thank his co- husband and Galaxy FM presenter Mr.Henrie for being good step daddy to his kids.

In 2020, Geosteady and Prima broke up after the former expressed his desires for tranquility to the later .

Prima moved on together with her two kids and began dating Galaxy FM host Arinatiwe Henry alias Mr.Henrie also Geosteady moved on and hooked up with Hindu Kay.

During their breakup period ,the two constantly complained on social media to the extent of Prima refusing Goesteady from meeting up with kids saying that he wasn’t playing any fatherly responsibilities to the kids.

Prima further claimed Henrie looks after the children like they are his and he was more responsible than their father and therefore, she felt like Henrie was the real father of her children.

Prima and Mr. Henrie were getting along just fine until June of this year when she took a flight to Dubai to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival. Prima was then reportedly linked up with a Ugandan socialite based in South Africa, Meddie Moore, and she reportedly forgot about Henrie.

Prima dumped the radio host and removed all of his photos from her social media pages when she returned to Uganda, giving Geosteady the opportunity to push for the reunion.

Since then, Geosteady and Prima have been inseparable; he even turned her into a video vixen for his new song, “Sembera.”

Geosteady claims that the reunion is for the good of their two children.

Now in his recent interview away from the bad blood between the two, Geosteady has appreciated Henrie for the time he helped him to look after his kids like their real father.

“I want to this opportunity to thank Mr .Henrie for looking after my daughters.I hadn’t asked him to do so but he did willingly and I couldn’t say no” – Geosteady said

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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