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“Tell us What Exactly Killed Sheikh Muzaata” – Bobi Wine asks Government

NUP Presidental Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has asked the Government to give a clear report showing the real cause of Muslim Cleric Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte.

Addressing mourners attending Sheikh Muzaata’s Salat-Al-Janazah prayers at Kibuli Mosque on Saturday, Bobi Wine expressed dissatisfaction regarding several mysterious deaths that have happened without clear reports one of which is Sheikh Muzaata’s.

“I know that a lot of Ugandans have questions on the death of Sheikh Muzaata even though they cant say it out loud. A report on his death must have been released already. Many prominent people have died mysteriously and all we do is look on.  A man of Sheikh Muzaata’s stature can not die and there is no report issued. Kirumira also passed on and there was no clear report issued. Money and compensations do not replace someone’s life, we need answers!!”

Bobi Wine at Sheikh Muzaata’s Salat-Al-Janazah prayers at Kibuli Mosque
Bobi Wine at Sheikh Muzaata’s Salat-Al-Janazah prayers at Kibuli Mosque

The Kyadondo East MP added that Muzaata has been his teacher who showed him the right ways of living life and to treat people with respect regardless of their stature.

“He has been one of the maverick elders in Uganda who spoke out on problems affecting the common man. To us the young generation, he has been our inspiration. We can not replace Sheikh Muzaata, but what I’m confident of is that he has left disciples who can now do even better than what he did,” he said.

Muzaata died yesterday 04 Dec. 2020 at Kampala International Hospital (IHK) where he had been admitted a few weeks ago following a possible heart attack.  Rest In Peace Sheikh Muzaata!!

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