Friday, September 30, 2022
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Sheik Muzaat’s Widow Hajjit Kulthum Launches Introduction Meetings

The late sheik Nuhu Muzaata Batte's Widow, Dr.Hajjati Kulthum Nabunya launched her introduction meetings over the weekend in Balintuma at Emirates Restaurant . According to...

Kulthum Nabunya Backfires To Social Media Critics Over Her New Man

Late Sheik Nuhu Muzaata's widow, Kulthum Nabunya has backfired to social media critics her new man ,Akram. Kulthum introduced Akram to her parents few weeks...

“Kuluthum Nabunya Is Disgrace to Islam”- Full Figure

Former Presidential Advisor on Youth affairs,Jeniffer Nakangubi aka Full Figure has come out to attack late Nuhu Muzaata's widow Kuluthum Nabunya after getting married...

Kulthum Nabunya’s New Lover Akram Denies Stealing Tasha’s Money

Dr .Kulthum Nabunya's new lover Akram Gumisiriza has denied stealing money from his alleged South African based girlfriend Tasha. In Telephone interview over yesterday with...

Kulthum Nabunya Reveals Why She Got Married to Akram

Late Sheik Nuhu Muzaata Batte's widow, Kulthum Nabunya has revealed to why she got married to South African based Ugandan Akram Gumisirza. Many people have...

Kulthum Nabunya ‘s New Lover Claimed by Another Woman

  Late sheik Muzaata's widow Kulthum Nabunya 's new lover is being claimed by another woman based in South Africa identified as Tasha. Recently Kulthum introduced...

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