Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Rapper Jim Nola MC, Wife Expecting First Baby

Congratulations are in oder for rapper Jim Nola Mc and his wife Noelina. The couple is expecting their first child ,since Jim Nola was introduced...

Deforestation – Jim Nola MC | Free Mp3 Download

This is the Deforastation freestyle by Jim Nola MC Abedunego. Fully packed with punchlines, metaphors, wordplay, clever rhymes the list is endless..NO RAPPER WILL EVER...

Not My Crime – Jim Nola MC | Free Mp3 Download

Jim Nola MC has a new song called Not My Crime. Listen and Download the free mp3 audio below: https://blizz.co.ug/download?uh=3953&&path=songs/NotMyCrime%20-%20JimNolaMC.mp3

Reportedly – ‘Bye Museveni’ Song Lands Rapper Jim Nole in Trouble,...

Last year young rapper JIM Nola Mc sung a song titled ‘Bye Museveni’ which was critical of President Museveni, telling him his time was...

Bye Museveni – Jim Nola MC | Mp3 Download

Download Jim Nola MC's new song attacking museveni. https://blizz.co.ug/download?uh=3453&&path=songs/ByeMucheveni%20-%20JimNolaMC.mp3

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