Suzan Makula Responds to Critics Branding her Homewrecker




Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s wife ,Suzan Makula Nantaba has responded to Critics who brands her homewrecker .

Bugingo and Makula have been painting Kampala with love without fear or favour and it would be harsh to say the two are not so deep in love together.

However, so many people have been putting their noses in the couple’s relationship claiming that Suzan Makula snatched Bugingo from Teddy which is unfair that she is running after his money not love.

Now Suzan has responded to Critics by saying that she doesn’t have time for them.

Claiming that every one has right to say what they want because she doesn’t have no ethical authority to prevent them from thinking and say what they want regarding her relationship .

Pastor Bugingo & Suzan Makula Introduction

She further said that falling soft on with Pastor Bugingo was a match that was created in heaven which once it had been time for them to become husband and spouse, everything swimmingly fell in line.

“I don’t have management over anyone’s opinion therefore I’m not jolted by their thoughts and critism. What I do is to solely management my mouth and act unlistening their comments.”,she said.

When asked to elucidate what regarding her attracts Pastor Bugingo the foremost, Makula aforesaid she additionally doesn’t grasp.

She said that she simply saw the man of God shooting his shot toward her and that they eventually fell for every alternative.

She superimposed that it’s traditional for folks to be unloved by alternatives which it’s typically seen in workplaces and other environments once folks square measure electoral as leaders.

She additionally hinted regarding holding a holy matrimony ceremony terribly before long with plans within the offing.

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