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“Stupid Old Man” – Ugandans Attack Alex Mukulu for Dissing Teenage Dancers in Yolesa Ekitone

During Sunday’s “Yolesa Ekitone” on BBS TV, legendary playwright Alex Mukulu threw irritating comments towards a team of young contestants who had come to showcase their talent in the completion.

After their performance,  instead of passing his judgement, Alex Mukulu just humiliated the young lads telling them how they had bad pour

The video has made rounds on social media and many Ugandans including celebrities had no kind words for Mr. Alex Mukulu.

Singers Bruno K, Apass and Television personality Tuff B condemned the 66 year old Mukulu for his sense of judgmental. They argued that he would instead talk to the young talent as a parent but not embarrass them in that way.

Bruno K, who showed sympathy for the young lads asked his followers to help him locate them because they will feature in his next music video and that he will pay them.

“Please Facebook help me locate these boys. They have to headline in my next video and it ain’t for free am paying them and I will personally make sure that nobody will ever disrespect them and demotivate them like Mr Alex did. Contact: +256704147404”. Bruno posted.
Watch Video Below:

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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