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” Stop Asking me About Daniella Atim “- Jose Chameleone to Press

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has cautioned the press to stop questioning him about his wife Daniella Atim and current stand of their relationship.

He made this revelation yesterday at his press conference when he was asked to give his opinion on Atim’s recent comments against him and his family and whether she will among those who will grace his upcoming concert.

On responding to the question,furiously Chameleone said that they should stop asking him about Mama Abba and that if they miss her ,they should get her number or look for on her Instagram account.

On the issue of mama Abba attending his concert ,Chameleone stressed that when shaggy is coming to perform ,he doesn’t, come with his wife even when Bebe Cool comes to his show they do not demand him to see Zuena Kirema that why for him they want to see Atim.

“When Shaggy is coming to perform, he does not come with his wife. When Bebe Cool comes to his show, you do not demand to see Zuena Kirema . If you miss Mama Abba, get her number, look for her on Instagram and have your chats there,” Jose Chameleone’s response when asked about Maama Abba’s attendance at Gwanga Mujje.

Atim ,who has been married to Chameleone ,for a years ,has been vocal about her husband’s behaviours and misdeeds of recent including recently when he was filmed beating a Boda Boda man .

Last year also unearthed dirty liens about her husband’s family .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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