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Stella Nyanzi Survives Car Crash

Former Makerere University researcher , Dr.Stella Nyanzi today morning , survived what appears to be a nasty road.

It is reported that Stella Nyanzi and crew have been traveling NakuruĀ  the ac-Kenya when accident occurred .

Stella Nyanzi explained the accident happened on highway at Kari.

According to her they crashed into car that had crashed into another car that had knocked a car off the highway . That car behind them also crashed into their car.

“After enjoying the amazing view of the Rift Valley on our way to Nakuru, our vehicle was involved in a five-ways traffic collision on the highway at Lari. We crashed into a car that had crashed into another car that had knocked a car off the highway. The car behind us also crashed into our car. “,She said.

None of the occupants sustained Serious injuries.

” Thankfully we are all alive and well. This poetry road trip is full of adventure…” ,She added.

Stella Nyanzi jetted in Kenya a few days back a head of her poetry – affiliated seminars.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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