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Stella Nyanzi Stings Bebe Cool For Supporting President Museveni


Ugandan activist and writer ,Stella Nyanzi has labeled musician Bebe Cool ” M7’s bootlicker “.

Stella Nyanzi’s branding of Bebe Cool came as a result of latter using his fame to support president Museveni yet he can’t protect him from his Violent unjust system.

This follows his recent attack by gun man who nearly took singer’s life.

It was reported that Bebe Cool and his security managed to disarm the attacker and drag him to police station but he was rescued by other fellow gun men who raided the police station and ordered Bebe Cool to vacate the station.

Stella on hearing this triggered he blasted Bebe Cool for spending so many years and his resources serving Museveni who can’t even offers protection to him from regime’s armed monsters .

She further told Bebe that licking Museveni’s smelly feet, bloody boots and ring ,still will not protect him from regime’s bloody violent unjust system.

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