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Starqt Awards Boss Stella Threatens to Kill Herself After Bitter Fight with Spice Diana

Stella Nankya aka Stella Starqt, the CEO of Starqt Awards has come out and threatened to kill herself due to depression from singer Spice Diana and the death of her brother.

Through her social media, she made the announcement that left many shocked after Spice Diana canceled her Christmas tours to South Africa, Durban and other places she was meant to perform at.

“Today i have read so many mean insults on what spice diana posted from people i dnt even know, some i thought were friends, People i have worked with, people i have invested in money all labelling me bad.

Some weeks back i lay on a hospital bed due to an anxiety attack which started after the death of my son. I asked my mum to come see me. She replied she could not come to south africa because she had to look after my brother.

I was like okey may be my family doesn’t care much after all i have friends. On xmas day, i didnt not get a merry xmas message from the father of my kids. He instead texted me: “You are very rude, no wonder you have no friends.

Today others called me evil
Since am a bad person why am i still living on this earth any way where no one is grateful of anything i do everyone calls me bad.
I should just join my son that way you will all be releaved from this bad stella.
Who should i ask to go check on my kids they are alone in the house.”

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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