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“Stanley Ntagali Does Not Give me any Coin for Child Support – Side Chic Judith Cries Out

The Untold Story Behind Archbishop Stanley Ntagali's Sex Scandal
The Untold Story Behind Archbishop Stanley Ntagali's Sex Scandal

Former Archbishop, Stanley Ntagali’s actions have come back to haunt him after only a few months of peace.

Ntagali, who last year was caught cheating on his wife with a married woman, Judith Tukamuhabwa is now having fresh nightmares after his side chic wrote to the church of Uganda to expose his intentional negligence of his own son.

In a letter addressed to the House of Bishops through the Reverend Dr. Stephen Mugalu on 27th October 2021, Tukamuhabwa reported that Ntagali refuses to offer child support to raise his own son especially when she is in a terrible financial crisis.

“Your Grace, allow me to inform you that I am not happy with the way former Archbishop Ntagali Stanley has treated me and my child yet the church leadership has failed to assist me since August 2020 when I came to your office to resolve the matters. Unfortunately I was labelled a bad person yet my interest was to see how I can raise my child because I am harden up. I don’t have any income as you know even the little  business I had was taken by Rev. Christopher.” part of Tukamuhabwa’s letter reads.

She also told the house of Bishops that she had tried texting Ntagali on WhatsApp to inform him of his sons ill health but he left her messages on read.

“…meaning that he saw and read the messages but chose to ignore then yet his child was dying.” she wrote.

She threatened that should the church fail to grant her demands that Ntagali should,

– Provide financial support to assist her in feeding, dressing and medical care of his son.
– provide a permanent home where to raise their child.
3. Clear her car debt that he bought for her on credit worth twenty nine millions.
– Organize and baptize his child as soon as possible,

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She would be forced to take legal action in the courts of law.

It should be noted that when it surfaced that Ntagali was cheating with the fleshy Tukamuhabwa, her then husband, Rev. Christopher divorced her.

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