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“Splitting With Rema Namakula Didn’t Break My Heart” – Eddy Kenzo

It is now 3 years since Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula separated, but since then , alot has come out about what was going on in the relationship.

In Eddy Kenzo ‘s latest media appearance, said that he wasn’t heartbroken when he split with his baby mama Rema Namakula since they sat down together and agreed on their breakup in good spirit.

He further disclosed they have any issue with each other but he was hurt most by the people who used their separation as an advantage to drag him down .

” We agreed with Rema and decided to our relationship and I wasn’t hurt. She didn’t have any issues with me but personally I was hurt by the people who used it as an advantage to attack me.” Eddy Kenzo said partly in an interview.

He added ” I think that’s the biggest fight I have ever fought but the political issues are just minor to me”.

This is one of Kenzo’s first interviews where he speaks in more detail why his relationship with Rema that resulted in the birth of a daughter did not work out.

The implosion of their relationship in 2019 gripped the country as Rema swiftly moved on to date a then little known medical student called Hamza Ssebunya.

In a total reverse of the years long courtship that Rema had endured with Kenzo, Ssebunya was introduced to her relatives and they formalised their union in a traditional marriage ceremony.

The doctor and Rema had their first child on November 7, 2021. She is called Aaliyah Ssebunya.

Watch the video below:

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