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Spice Diana Speaks Out on the Alleged Murder of an ‘ intruder’ at her Home

Singer Namukwaya Hajjara alias Spice Diana has finally spoken out on the alleged murder of an intruder at her home.

A few months ago , news came out claiming that a man identified as Nsamba Henry who was brutally beaten up at Spice Diana’s home died which landed her in trouble of being summoned by police.

Further reports alleged that the deceased, Nsamba Henry was a former friend to the singer and he was a dancer.

That he always used to be going Spice Diana’s house for a couple of days, although the guards at the singer’s place we’re not allowing him to access the compounds,, not until he climbed the fence and bumped into the singers compound.

Its alleged that the guards at the singer’s place caught him and beat him, and he was later thrown out of the compound just adjacent to the singer’s mansion.

While throwing shades on the matter in her recent interview with Anna Talia on Sanyuka on ‘ Bigenda Bitya’ ,Spice Diana said that the the man was killed at her place and he was thief who was trying to break through her house and by bad chance he was caught by her security and the was made to breath is last.

However, she distanced herself from involving in Henry’s killing ,saying by the time he broke into her house she wasn’t home .

She further added that many times guys jump her fence while others disguise as service providers and steal from her house..

“Alot was said about the guy but to be honest I had nothing to do about it .I wasn’t even around when he tried to break through .He was a thief and such guys always keep breaking into my house to steal things “, Spice Diana Said .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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