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Spice Diana Reveals Her Marriage Plans

As several celebrities and musicians are getting married of recent , Source Management songstress Spice Diana has also come out to reveal her marriage plans.

” Siri regular ” singer noted she is not about to get married that she have alot to accomplish before marriage .

She made revelations While appearing for her recent interview with one of local YouTuber, she publicly revealed that marriage is far from now as we anticipated or even imagined.

She disclosed that there is way to much she has to accomplish before settling for marriage like some of her fellow stars who have settled for marriage in recent years.

She further added that she will get married when the right time comes around , as her job is currently demanding and she does not intent to inspire anyone through marriage ,that her fans should be demanding her music because she doesn’t inspire people through marriage .

” I will only get married when the right time comes .I am not ready to commit to someone and I have alot to accomplish before marriage”, she noted.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana for years has beenĀ  romantically linked to number of men including her manager Roger Lubega but she keeps on refuting the allegations and she has never fronted an official lover to the public .

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KY Jamal
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