Spice Diana Responds to Critics Over Her Statement on Janzi Awards




Singer Hajara Namukwaya alias Spice Diana has responded to haters who are complaining about  her statement she made on Janzi awards.

It should be noted that spice Came out and trashed Janzi awards after failing to award her.

This triggered off section of hungry revellers who told her to stop being selfish and others branded her style of music ‘Rubbish’.

In 14 seconds Video shared by Spice about her critics ,she stressed that some of the awards are organised to put some people down and thereafter branded them ” Fake”.

She added that she commented about Janzi awards not because she didn’t win any award from Janzi but rather wanted the industry to be opened.

And that her career is not based on awards but on the fact that she is good musician.

On issue of branding her style of music rubbish. Spice said that she has managed to attain tangible and non tangible achievements out of her rubbish music.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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