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Spice Diana Confirms Having Someone Chewing Her Sumbie


Songstress Hajarah Namukwaya aka Spice Diana has come out to confirm that she has man who chew her sumbie.

While appearing during a local TV interview ,The ” Kwata Wano” singer said that it is true she’s in relationship but it’s secret.

Spice further said that yesterday was his man’s birthday.

“My love life exists but I’d like to keep it private. So, I’m not single. I’m seeing someone out there, and by the way, today it’s his birthday,” she said.

Spice Diana

For a long while, speculations have surrounded the singer’s love life as most female celebrities. Rumors sometimes made rounds that she was having an intimate relationship with her manager, Roger.

The two however refuted these claims as they said their relationship is only purely work-related.

She had also constantly claimed how she’s in a relationship with her music career and it’s what she’s focusing on now. But it seems she couldn’t keep the cat in the bag and finally let it out.

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This will come as a disappointment to many men who have been fantasizing about the Upendo singer.

Glad for the singer to keep it private in case it ends in tears, the haters will still be confused

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