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Socialite Zari Hassan Reveals Secret to why Young Men Run After Her

Ugandan – South Africa based Socialite Zari Hassan has come and reveal secret to why Young Men Run after her.

For past years ever since her husband late Ivan Ssemwanga passed on, Zari Hassan has been known for dating men who are much-younger than her .

While speaking to one of local TV station ,Zari disclosed that the reason she ends up with young men is not by design but by accident .

Claiming that they run after her because of her beautiful looks which attracts them like a force of nature without her having to even lift a finger
She further said that she ends up with younger men because they give her peace of mind.

“Everyone who has eyes sees I am a beautiful woman and men always approach me. The younger men are the ones who always come to me and if I am single and we vibe why not date. These younger boys give me peace of mind which I am looking for now,” Zari said.

Currently she is dating Shakib who is said to be 30 years old

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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