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Socialite Judith Heard Opens Up About Rumors of Chewing Abryanz’s Big Cassava

City Socialite and model Judith Heard and fashion mogul Brian Ahumuza alias Abryanz are inseparable and they often hang out together at some of the top spots in Kampala.

It should be even noted last year hacker identified as David threatened to drop Judith Heard s3x tape and nudes with Abryanz after hacking Judith Heard’s socials.

And rumors have been going around starting how Judith Heard and Abryanz are chewing each other ,now Judith has opened with the truth.

The City Socialite and model has come out and revealed how all this is just a rumor that she has never thought of sleeping with Abryanz .

During an interview with Galaxy FM, Judith Heard distanced herself from any rumors linking her to dating Abryanz.she notes that they are just friends and her Abryanz is like brother

“I would never think about having sex with Abryanz.No never “,Judith Heard responded during an interview with Galaxy FM.

There have been a couple of men that have fancied dating Judith Heard ever since she broke up with her french husband but she has always left them hanging.

Judith Heard & Abryanz

Watch interview here:


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