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Socialite Don Zella Dies in her Own Movie, Property Theft was All a Scam

Uganda Police has un masked Sheila Don Zella after investigations of her property theft at luxurious Speke Apartments, she has been forced to take down her Facebook post in which she accused Speke Apartments of negligence,

Don Zella, through her lawyers Semuyaba Iga &Co Advocates sued the Wampewo based Apartments to the Courts of Law, accusing them of negligence which caused her damages amounting to ShS46 million.

In the law suit filed before the High Court Civil Division, Zella states that on December 6, 2020, Don Zella rented two apartment rooms number 107 and 512 operated by Speke Apartments.

Unfortunately, on December 25  she went away with her family for the Christmas celebrations while she and a thief or thieves broke into her apartment room 107 at around 4pm and stole her properties worth Shs460 million.

According to reports, the thief was identified as Jeremiah Ojok, a Kenyan national who was a guest at the same premises and her neighbor.

Jeremiah Ojok, the alleged thief
Jeremiah Ojok, the alleged thief

And given this loss, Zella dragged Speke Apartments to courts, demanding a compensation of Shs461 million for damages caused.

However, Police finally arrested Ojok and to everyone’s shock the robbery was planned by Don Zella, her sister and the alleged thief, Ojok.

Police Confirms that Donzella had Fake Dollars in her room. The Planned scam involved Don zella’s sister Hamidah Shanita who slept with the Suspect in the Next room to Donzella for 7 hours¬† on 24th December 2020 before the said Robbery

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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