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Socialite Anita Fabiola Lands New Gig on BET’s Urban Beauty TV


Sexy Television personality Anita Kyarimpa Fabiola is over the moon after landing a big show on BET International, a top TV stations viewed across the world called Urban Beauty TV.

Fabiola has been thrown out of places, ridiculed by some, but television personality Anita Fabiola grows and improves her craft by day. As such, she has won herself television gigs as far as West Africa and on other big international stages.

The gorgeous TV personality is set to host a show dubbed Urban Beauty Tv a show that is about beauty, health, Fashion and wellness among others.

Fabiola took the news to her social media platforms to share the news with her fans.

Anita Fabiola

“Here…we glow!!! LEVELED UP!!! BET International 🌎 Here’s one of the amazing uplifting projects I’ve been working on. @urbanbeautytv | The first and only syndicated show dedicated to Hair | Health & wellness | Cosmetics | Style & Fashion on @bet @bethertv Everything I love and live by. I can’t wait to share a platform dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary achievements of top fashion gurus, beauty moguls and health experts all over the world. 🌎 🚀❤️ ‘To the moon Alice 🎶’ #BET​ #bether​ #urbanbeautytv​ #urbanbeautytvafrica​”- she posted.

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