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Social Media Blogger Ritah Kaggwa Arrested,Cries Out for Rescue


UK – based social media Ritah Kaggwa was allegedly arrested and detained earlier today, cries out for rescue.

Her arrest  has left many wondering what she did to be put behind bars.

Reports claims that she was arrested along with her Nigerian husband and her British Children and currently held at CPS.

The development comes just a few days after Ritah and her parents held a successful welcome party for Ritah’s husband at her parents home.

It should be noted that Ritah jetted into the country a few days ago for a six week visit together with her Nigerian husband and kids.

According to the video circulating on social media, Ritah noted that she has no idea why she was arrested because when the British high commission checked the records ,her name wasn’t on the wanted list

The British high commission however assured her to look into the matter and help her as soon as possible.

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As we are trying to find out the what’s and why’s of Ritah’s arrest from her,and we shall keep you updated .

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