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Sk Mbuga Questions Bryan White’s source of Income

City businessman and socialite Sulaiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga has questioned faded tycoon , Bryan White’s source of income.

SK Mbuga made this revelation when he was tasked to comment on Bryan White’s return to Uganda after years in exile .

Mbuga said that Bryan white should be not be listed among the rich people because his source of income is not clear yet that he needs to pull up his sockets to be categorized as a rich person .

“I have to always question Bryan White’s source of income. I believe he should not be categorized as rich because no one knows where he gets his money. By the time he was splashing money I had my own problems and by the time I came he also had his own problems,” SK Mbuga said.

It should noted that in 2019 ,Mbuga came out and rescued Bryan white from debt woes and trouble as he gave him 5 Millions.

Bryan White, was once a mainstay in Kampala’s show business,  but disappeared from the public around 2020 with a few photos dropping here and there showing that he was bedridden.

The flamboyant socialite, who once appeared in public doling out cash like it was free condoms, at around that time posted on Facebook asking for connections to meet President Yoweri Museveni so he could also be able to fly to neighbouring Kenya for treatment.

The lanky socialite even run a charity named Bryan White Foundation under which he hired celebrities with nondescript jobs. Some of these include Weasel Manizo, Lady Mariam Tindatine, Alex Muhangi, King Micheal, and Jose Chameleone.

Social commentator Olaxes Ismail, aka Jaja Kalevu Ichuli, shared a TikTok video, disclosing that Bryan White is planning to return to Uganda , the only celebrity, of all he previously dealt with, only Micheal will be allowed to meet him.

“I’m very happy. When he told me that Ichuli… you and my man King Michael. You are the official spokesperson for the Bryan White Foundation. He told me he wants to meet the youths the moment he arrives. He has big plans, just as he had a giving heart. There has been a big vacuum in the socialite world ever since he left. For that reason, I am reminding you that Bryan White will return and meet his fans in Kololo… And everyone you ever saw on the old Podium, apart from King Michael, everyone will be investigated… We bought you cars, plots of land, but you didn’t appreciate them,” Ichuli said.

The day of his return is not yet set but he is expected to meet his fans at Kololo Airstrip in Kampala.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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