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“SK Mbuga is far more important than Bobi Wine” – Says Khalifah Aganaga

Musician Khalifa Aganaga has sided with city socialite, Sk Mbuga in his verbal attack on presidential aspirant, Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Bobi Wine).

A few days ago, Sk Mbuga said that Bobi Wine is only a western world puppet and once elected, he will sell the country to westerners. He should therefore not be voted.

This did not go well with majority of People Power enthusiasts who rained a storm of insults and abuses on the STV boss.

Khalifah Aganaga, who left NUP after being denied a party slot as flag bearer however defended Sk Mbuga. He explained that Bobi Wine indeed wants to sell the country. He said that Sk Mbuga is too rich and insults won’t touch him in anyway.

SK Mbuga

“Yes, I’m team SK Mbuga but what he said is the truth. I was forced out of NUP. I was called a mole and abused by a few members. Abusing SK Mbuga won’t make him lose his riches. SK Mbuga has done a lot of good things that even our fellow artists like Bobi Wine has failed to do,” Aganaga cooed.

It should be noted that Aganaga had already compiled a campaign song for Bobi Wine but has now decided to re-do it.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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