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Singer Spice Diana Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Nominates her in Ugandan Awards Again


Singer Namukwaya Hajjara aka Spice Diana has threatened to deal with anyone who will nominate in Ugandans Awards again without her consent.

She claims Uganda award organizers should first give her call or her submitting in her music to include her on their nomination lists or else he will sue them.

During her recent interview with Cruz xclusive,she narrated that she has  just a handful of the awards in which she has been nominated locally.

That she is not surprised  of such outcomes by Janzi because she knows some awards are held to demoralise some individuals brands which she will not allow on her side.Yet they use other people ‘s brand to get millions of money.

She stressed that she will never complain or beg any awards organizers to include her in their awards anymore.

Spice further noted that the awards do not define her music career because her main goal to keep on pushing out good music for her fans and with or without the awards, she will still achieve more as a musician.

If you feel like Spice is not talented and doesn’t deserve any Ugandan award, please do not put me in your awards anywhere. And you won’t see me complain and begging to nominate me anywhere, No No No No!

If I deserve it I will get it and if I don’t deserve it, I won’t get it. My career, my future is not based on the awards. With or without the awards, I am still gonna achieve and do music and I will still perform for my fans.

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Furiously, Spice Diana added that the most  thing Frustrating is that these awards do not have value as they do not come with monetary rewards.

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