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Singer Simple K Ug Claims Responsibility of Fathering Full Figure’s Baby , Demands For  DNA Test

Kiggundu Fred aka Simple K Ug, a low budgeted  man seemingly to be in his early 20 has come out  claiming that he sired baby with Full Figure now demanding for DNA test.

Kiggundu who claims to be the real father of baby pearl Kairos Museveni has now dragged senior presidential advisor Nakangubi Jennifer aka Full Figure to court demanding for a DNA test to prove critics that he has all along been a sumbie chewer of Full Figure.

Basing on the latter’s controversial story, he claims to have been in romance with the failed singer for a long time back to the extent that his life and business was ruined having fallen in love with the faded singer who he accuses of having misfortune.

Court letter


During an exclusive interview, Full Figure’s secret admirer has now announced his readiness of taking over his fatherly duties if Full Figure concedes to the paternity of her baby born.

Rumour has it that Simple K should be a secret admirer to the “Mukyakale” singer since he claims to have started crushing on Full Figure in July 2019 and then after delivered her beautiful baby born four months later hence rubbishing the possibility that he could be her baby daddy.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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