Home Entertainment Singer Shamim Namawa Drags Hon Apolo Kantinti to Police over Domestic Violence

Singer Shamim Namawa Drags Hon Apolo Kantinti to Police over Domestic Violence


Latest info reaching our website indicating  that former Maisha dancer Shamim Namawe reports lover and politician Hon Apolo Kantinti to Police over allegations of domestic violence.

Source reported to us that Kantinti kicked out his wife and children out of their martial home in Kitebi accusing the wife for cheating on him.

Who is Shamim  Namawe and how did she hook up with Hon Apolo Kantinti ;

She used to be the lead dancer of Maisha Dancers, a group that used to perform at several corporate events and bar activations. The group was owned by a one JB who was also Namawa’s boyfriend for much of the time they were working together. It is said JB was a tight-marker to the point that he denied her her own phone. If you wanted her, you had to call him.

However, considering that the bootylicious Shamim was eyed by many corporate clients she used to perform for, JB relaxed his grip on her – but only to his benefit. He started coaching her on how to “detooth” the guys who lusted after her.

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But JB will leave to regret the little freedom he accorded her as she used it to meet men who had much more to offer than dancing gigs.

Shamim used to call herself Uganda’s Nicki Minaj.

Shamim picked up the moniker Uganda’s Nicki Minaj, not because she was lyrically gifted, like the American rapper, but the two shared something in common – a big behind. Then an idea bulb ticked that Shamim should also sing. She hit the studio but her music wasn’t as well received as her dancing.

That is when she decided to visit Team No Sleep that was doing wonders for Sheebah, a former dancer who had struggled with music for long until TNS took her under their wings and she blew up.

Around the same time, money man SK Mbuga was dating singer Leilah Kayondo and he paid a visit to Team No Sleep to interest them in promoting her music. It was during their meetings that the TNS boys told Mbuga they had identified the “full packgage” and introduced Shamim who they said only needed a financial push to blow up.

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Mbuga was impressed by what he saw (not what he heard) and Shamim kicked boda bodas and her tight-marking boyfriend JB goodbye. He bought her a Harrier to ease her movements, but soon cat fights with Leilah began.

Naturally endowed woman like Shamim who has “advertised” herself during her performances usually has many suitors. A smooth talking “musummer” named Apollo Kantinti came along flashing dollars from abroad and he was a smooth talker who waxed lyrical.

Unlike most men Shamim had met who were either rugged marijuana smokers in the music industry or married corporate wanting a piece of her and they move on with their lives, Kantinti was a smooth committed gentleman with money and big dreams of becoming a major player on Uganda’s political scene.

Mbuga had the money, but there was also Leilah and Shamim was not going to get into another relationship that was going nowhere. Kantinti also had money, and a future for her. He promised to fund her music career. In fact he upgraded her from a Harrier to a 4matic Mercedes Benz and gave her a platform to perform at his rallies. Life was good for Namawa and she even rewarded Kantinti with a baby as the two had moved in together at his home in Kitebi, behind Wankuluku stadium.

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