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Singer Sasha Brighton Relationship with New Lover Reportedly on the rocks

The relationship between singer Nannonzin Joweria alias Sasha Brighton Kalungi and her new lover seems to have hit a dead end based on the reports reaching us .

The updates coming in indicates that the two are not on good talking terms.

Basing on an audio clip accessed by this website ,  Sasha is heard sobbing as she describes how her boyfriend changed.

She adds that once she made the choice to enter the relationship, things didn’t go as planned, but she made the gutsy choice to press on.

The situation became worse over time, and now he neither returns her calls nor responds to her texts. She also claims that since she stopped her singing career, she is currently drowning in rent arrears and has no idea where she will acquire the money.

Sasha has been quite unlucky when it comes to finding love seeing that her pervious break up wasn’t too long ago .Before getting with her new lover ,Sasha was in a relationship with Herbert Shonga and the two gave us restless as they flooded their loving relationship all over social media .we honestly thought they were couple goals but their relationship ended shortly after

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KY Jamal
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