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Singer Sasha Brighton Not Ready to Reveal Second Baby Daddy’s Identity

Singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi she is not ready to reveal the identity of her second baby’s daddy whom she calls private jet.

A few days ago,Sasha welcomed welcomed her second child ,however she has never revealed that father she sired the baby with .

This left alot of speculation amongst the public on who could have fathered the singer’s baby .

Rumor had it that was born to her Ex Shonga while other gossiped about of possibility of being fathered by wakiso Giants FC boss Musa.

While speaking during her recent interview,Sasha said that the father of her child is private person who doesn’t like being in the limelight and she respects that.

She clarified on the rumor that she denied to DNA test on baby as she was asked by Wakiso Giants boss Musa,saying DNA test is not needed because her baby is photocopy of his father.

Further added that it is not public benefit to know her baby daddy that they should only ask her new music and that people near her know her baby daddy.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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