Singer Rickman Manrick Takes Music Break to Resume His Football Career




Ugandan singer Derrick Ddungu known by his stage name Rickman Manrick has decided to take music break to resume his football career .

He has made revelation via his Twitter account where he disclosed that it is high time to put much to revive his talent in football and put hold on music that there is unreleased music that can keep him going for 2-3 years without stepping in studio.

“I Officially resume training tomorrow. First my knee rehab and core strengthening exercises plus cardio for 6months then back on the pitch slowly. Reason being I have a lot of unreleased music that can keep me going for 2-3years without stepping in the studio. Brace yourselves,” Rickman tweeted.

The “Ebango ” singer ‘s football career was frustrated following a knee injury he sustained a couple a months ago and he used that time while off the pitch to record more new music .

During that period he even recorded music album titled ‘Ndi Muto’ and he believes it is going to be “one of the best Music Albums to ever grace the Ugandan music realm.”

Rickman was described by many as a quick footballer with great ball control, skill and demeanor. By the looks of it, Rickman had a very bright career in football that not even once did any of his teammates, coach or his own father doubt what he could do in the pitch.

However, the footballer later found fame in music thanks to his ‘Ebango’ hit that introduced him to the Uganda limelight and kept him way up there, competing .

Speaking on NBS Sport, Patrick Kabuye, father to the star mentioned that he was always optimistic that the  singer might emulate him and take after him, becoming a football star and retiring as a coach since Kabuye himself was a KCCA FC player and is now a coach. He revealed that the reason why his son gave up on International football was not because of a woman or anything similar but rather because his son suffered a knee injury that side-lined his football dreams.

According to Kabuye, Rickman suffered a nasty knee injury that tore his anterior cruciate ligament and underwent surgery in 2016. It was then that he found a new light in music and had to halt his football dream.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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