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Singer Rema Namakula Pours her Heart out in an Open letter to Husband Dr.Hamza on His Birthday

Singer Rema Namakula has head over heels in live with her husband Dr.Hamza Ssebunya for as long as we can remember .The couple have defied odds to keep together despite the turbulences of the entertainment industry .And share adorable daughter and have achieved alot together .

As Dr.Hamza celebrating his birthday today ,Rema Namakula couldn’t resist penning down a heart warming open letter celebrating his birthday .

Rema has decided to shower her husband with praises in her birthday message to him.

In the message Rema applauded his role as a great father, as honest ,kindest realest and most generous daddy in this world .

“You are exceptional my love. The man that captured my heart with less words but more action . You make it so easy to love you. A man of your word πŸ‘Œ awww I thank mama and Hajj for raising you so well πŸ™. Our babies are lucky to have the sweetest…Honest..Kindest….Realest and most generous daddy πŸ₯°. And as for me haaaaa Byonna Twaala my papitoπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
Happy birthday Mwami Sebunya.”,Rema wrote.

Rema & Hamza

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