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Singer Rabadaba And Nalongo Maggie’s Marriage on Rocks, Set to Divorce

Ugandan dancehall singer Faisal Sseguya aka Rabadaba and wife Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi Might be headed for a divorce.

According to latest reports indicating that the once lovely couple are not on good talking terms and not seeing eye to eye due to Rabadaba’s bad behaviors towards Maggie’s mother and sister.

Basing on the audio making rounds on socai media,Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi is heard claiming that for three months now, Rabadaba has been not greeting and talking to her mother and that he doesn’t want to work.


She is heard saying that she is contemplating on divorcing the singer since he no longer listens to her.

Rabadaba and Maggie

She also notes that she asked Rabadaba not to change his phone password but he did not listen and that she is going to contact their lawyers about a divorce.

Nnalongo believes Rabadaba did not love her in the first place but only wanted to use her to achieve his own goals.And now she is in preparations of deporting him though he isn’t ready to be deported.

Since breaking up with her lover by then Grenade 2019, Nalongo Maggie has been hopping from relationship to relationship not until she hooked up a serial city smart wire in singer Rabadaba whom she introduced to her parents in 2021

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