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Singer Papa Cidy on Why He Left Leone Island music empire


Singer Hamidu Sekyeru alias Papa Cidy has revealed to why he decided to part ways with Leone Island music.

Papa Cidy puts the blame on promoters for his decision to leave the label ,claiming that they always treated him like Chameleone’s hand bag.

“Some of the promoters used to think that once they hired Chameleone, they had also hired me. They always wanted me to tag along and perform for free,” he said.

For Many years , Papa Cidy was Jose Chameleone ‘s designated vice president .Under the crew ,he released song such as ; Daniella ,Ebaluwa,Yegwe Munange,Ndi Mulalu ,Cheri among other.

He noted that as an artiste ,he had personal ambitions and when the time was right ,he decided to purse them .When he parted ways with Jose Chameleone he decided to put focus on his tailoring career.

While the public criticised him for ‘downgrading’ himself, Papa Cidy felt that being a tailor did not mean that he had lost credibility.

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He said it’s a job that feeds him and his family.

“What’s wrong with tailoring? I get money from it. I love it. In the community, I pick disadvantaged young people and train them, and their lives have improved. That’s how good tailoring is,” he said.

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