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Singer Nubian Li Responds to Jose Chameleone’s Rants over NUP Supporters and Bobi Wine

Firebase crew singer Bukeni Ali aka Nubian Li has responded to fellow singer Jose Chameleone’s rants over National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters and Bobi Wine.

Few days back while performing at Gen Muhoozi’s birthday party ,Jose Chameleone sent strong warning to NUP supporters and told them to stop the familiarity ,telling him about Kamwokya because he was singing for his friend.

Claiming that he is scared of being hit with bottles after accepting to perform at Muhoozi’s 48th birthday bash.

He continued to put up a serious quarrel as well as hurling a forest of abuses to NUP supporters and HE.Bobi Wine for what he said mixing music with politics saying that NUP supporters always intimidate musicians who divergent politics beliefs.

While responding to Chameleone’s rants during his recent interview,Nubian Li said that their have no problem with Chameleone because he is family to them and they will find away of talking to him to find what exactly disturbing him.

Claiming that musicians need to choose the choice of the words carefully while speaking to audiences because they might end up hurting others.

“Musicians need to choose the choice of their words carefully because you might end up hurting others “, Nubian Li said

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