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Singer Mary Bata Reportedly Left in Tears After Kemi Sera Snatching Her Husband

Singer Mary Bata left in tears after fellow singer and best friend Kemi Sera snatched her husband.

According to Blizz reported that Kemi Sera who has been staying at Mary Bata’s home for over a year gained a knee eye for her husband and now the two are reportedly set to marry each other.

Speaking out in an interviews , Sera confirmed that she has played a big game to separate Mary Bata and her husband so she retains the man and she has successfully won the game as Mary Bata is now in the process of moving on as husband prepares to be introduced by Kemi Sera to her family.

It is said that it is Kemi Sera that sent Mary Bata away from the house after she had caught them in her bedroom. And now, she is promising a big “Mukolo” soonest.

Kemi Sera & Mary Bata

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KY Jamal
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