Singer Leila Kayondo Pays Tribute to her Late Mother




Singer Leila Kayondo has paid tribute to her mother Nalongo Kayondo.

Today marks one year since Leila’s Mothers went to be with her Lord.

While sharing a throwback photo of them seated together,Leila stated that all of a sudden the house went silent after death and that she can only break the silence when she brings up one of her jokes and that they talk about her everyday like she is still next to them.

“Today marks it exactly a year since you left us mama 💔the only time we talk about you now is when we want to laugh 😍 because you were hilarious. I always say‘kyoka omukazi oyo yakikola and all of a sudden the house goes silent and I can only break the silence when I bring up one of your jokes.we are still in denial mama 🙏we talk about you every day like you are seated next to us. We always ask ourselves on how you could react on each and everything happening that particular time. We love you. We miss you. Let the heavens hold you until we meet again 😍❤️🙏”,she posted.

Screen shot.

Continue to Rest in Peace Nalongo Kayondo.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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