Singer Khalifah Aganaga Fires Back At Janzi Awards




Singer Mukiibi Sadat alias Khalifah Aganaga who always seeks public attention has already jumped to a moving trend “Janzi Awards” reflecting to the negative side of it despite the ongoing trends on the Awards.

He claims that motive of organising Janzi awards is to use it as platform to steal tax payers money by using musicians .

Khalifah who may be having personal issues with some members of organising committee likes Ragga Dee,Fina Masanyara ,Halima said the following

“Ragga Dee,Fina Masanyaraze,Halima Namakula, ne UMA yonna…Katandika butandise, abayimbi banyiivu,
This is not about awards, its about using musicians to steal the tax payers money from the government, we dont need awards we need our industry to be opened.”,he posted.

He is not the only artist to be biased with Janzi awards others includes Spice Diana,TUFf B among others claiming that they don’t need awards but rather the government to open  art industry.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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